We adopt a standard pricing system.

    If you visits the homepages of a lot of translation companies, you will find out that translation charges are differently set according to a degree of urgency and a difficulty. Thus, from viewpoint of customers who ask for a translation service, it is difficult to precisely presume how much the service will cost. Moreover, the standard of the difficulty is subjective, an estimated amount of money is very high in case of technical translation.

    Since Patria professionally deals with patent and technical translation, to which most translation firms apply the highest rate and which they think difficult, a translation charge is not varied according to a degree of urgency and a difficulty. But, we translates perfectly with respect to every cases that we receive, although there is an order that we cannot receive in case of urgency. Furthermore, because we adopt a standard pricing system, anyone can estimate a translation charge easily according to the standards of translation charges provided through a translation charge corner, and we help you customers to make a decision rapidly.