Kim, Kyung-Sun

  Jeon, Hyun-Chul

  Ahn, Sun-Young



Kim, Kyung-Sun
-  Bachelor of Electronics
-  8 years in patent law firm
-  5 years in Patria21
-  Electronics, Telecommunication, Semiconductor,

          I like English since middle school days and went into a translation job upon taking an opportunity of doing a part-time translation when I was in a university. Ever since graduation, I have carried out a translation work of incoming and outgoing patent specifications. After an experience in writing specifications for domestic application, I became to express an obscure sentence and word accurately.


Jeon, Hyun-Chul
-  Bachelor of Mechanics
-  2 years in maker
-  2 years in patent law firm
-  6 years in Patria
-  Mechanics, Automotive, Space-Air,
Hydraulic Equipment

          I still remember the time when my first translation was reviewed after joining a patent law firm. At that time, I was proud that I was proficient in English and Japanese, but lots of sentences were corrected in red and I felt a difficulty in translating patent specifications. Even now, when I perform Japanese-English/English-Japanese translations, I always starts the translation after opening an English Study site on the web. Particularly, I checks the applicability of a new word on the PAJ site of the JPO. Now, it seems that my English expression becomes much more accurate as compared to initial times.

Ahn, Sun-Young
-  Bachelor of Chemistry
-  3 years in patent law firm
-  4 years in Patria
-  Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics

          My working experience in a patent law firm in Japan encouraged me though it is a short period of time. With the aid of *** with whom I still exchanges mails, I became to improve my skills in Japanese-English/English-Japanese translations. As I did translations while comparing differences among Korea, English and Japanese, I got to know the characteristics of each language. I love my job and I am doing my best to become a specialist of the highest level.