Our Promise to Customers

Patria is providing English-Japanese and Japanese-English translation services to Japan's prominent patent law firms, translation firms and enterprises over a long period of time. We professionally deal with translations of various letters, contracts, business plans, company introductions, documents on judgment and action, as well as translations of Japanese patent specifications into English / Korean / Chinese for use in foreign application. Most of the members of our company are specialists who have wide experience in translating a plenty of specifications in patent law firms and they can carry out a technical translation of a world-wide quality. A completed translation is reviewed perfectly by a native speaker of a corresponding foreign language.


Patria is dedicated to only technically translation among various fields. In the rapidly changing knowledge-based industrial society, enterprises can survive only with acquisition of useful information and development of technologies. We can help you to find a foreign market and achieve a successful business in the foreign marketing by accurately translating technologies which customers developed laboriously into the corresponding foreign language. Moreover, also in the introduction of foreign technologies, we can help you to introduce the corresponding technology rightly and carry out a successful business based on the technology in the domestic marketing by translating the corresponding technology accurately.


Patria promises you to exert its best efforts for a successful business of customers in the international market, and we will keep the highest quality in translation in every technical fields.


Patria Technical Translation Center

Ahn, Byung-Yeol, Representative